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D A V I D  O N K A


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Very much attached to his spiritual beliefs & practices, the messages in his songs come first before fame & money. 

Songwriting, Studio Production, Performance Coaching & Special Live Performances make up David's undeniable passion for music as felt intensively by anyone who's come across his exceptional talent.

A protege of his late music-producer dad, David's years of skilled work experience through successful collaborations with award-winning/billboard chart producers, multi-platinum co-songwriters, international labels & exclusive entertainment companies make him a top-notch musician with a purpose.

David currently directs/supervises resident performers for Luxury Cruise Lines and Exclusive International Hotels in parallel to writing/producing songs for International Music Publishing companies whose projects are featured on Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV, Local TV channels, Movie Trailers, etc.

- Tomeka Jones, Emmy Award Winning Journalist & Fmr, CNN reporter.

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