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D A V I D  O N K A


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Very much rooted in his spiritual beliefs & practices, the conscious messages in David's original songs and the sole purpose of touching souls with inner healing & empowerment comes first before fame & money. 

Songwriting, Studio Production, Performance Coaching & Conscious Live Performances make up David's undeniable music calling and his very vibrational passion is always felt intensively by anyone who comes across his exceptional music.

David currently works as a director/supervisor and performance coach for resident performers on Luxury Cruise Lines and Exclusive Hotels parallel to his other profession of writing/producing songs for International Music Publishing companies whose projects are featured on Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV, Local TV channels, Movie Trailers, etc.

That said, whenever he isn't on the luxury cruises or inside music production studios, then David would be found traveling to different parts of the world to hold exclusive conscious music concert with therapeutic sessions. 

These conscious music concert/sessions has witnessed several testimonies of people healed from years of trauma and mental-health issues through his music which is intentionally accompanied by self-love energies, self awareness and soul-empowering frequencies. 

A protege of his late music-producer dad, David's years of skilled work experience through successful collaborations with award-winning/billboard chart producers, multi-platinum co-songwriters, exclusive labels, international conscious keynote speakers/organisations make him a top-notch musician with a purpose.


- Tomeka Jones, Emmy Award Winning Journalist & Fmr, CNN reporter.

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