performance coach & audutions director

Looking for auditions director, recruiter, and performance coach of live performers for Five Star Hotels, Artists Agencies, Luxury River Cruise Lines, TV shows, Concerts, and Private Events? David Onka is the Music Consultant to go to. 

With his prolific experience as a former recruiter and director of a 500 member gospel choir who performed either in front of a 3 thousand weekly audience (as broadcasted on national tv) or a 60 thousand yearly outdoor crusade, David knows just how to bring the best out of any singer, pianist or general performer in any given environment; with any mood or song.


Credits Include;

Mentoring and coaching the first winner of the Nigerian Idol (Nigerian Version Of American Idol).

Give singing tips to a winner of DSDS (The german version of American idol).

Performing as a finalist on Germany's Got Talent.

David currently coaches/supervises the onboard  Musicians of luxury river cruises & hotels in Europe.

For booking & inquiries, contact David Onka Mgt.

Vocal arranger & harmony specialist

David's trainer and music mentor who happens to be his music-producer Dad taught him how to efficiently use the Tonic Sol-Fa Notation to build up to a 4-way harmony of a song at a tender age. This system which he still uses today makes him the right vocal arranger and harmony specialist for studio singers and background vocals on tour.

His references include;

Co-directing the background vocals of International Christian Music Superstar, Ron Kenoly (integrity music).

Live background vocals for smooth jazz trumpet and producer, Rick Braun (Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, SADE, Nathalie Cole, etc)

Background vocal harmony and arrangements for Jessica Cole (Music Licensing Executive, credited with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, numerous Ads, and feature films.

Vocals for Marty Dodson (Joe Cocker, Carrie Underwood, Billy Currington, etc), Certified Gold & Certified Double Platinum Songwriter and Producer.