For special events, hotels, luxury ships, Yachts & live concerts.

David's live performances exhibit many years of passion. From leading a 500 member gospel choir every Sunday morning to performing in front of 60 thousand stadium audiences, his skills and experience as a prolific Pianist/Singer made great impressions throughout famous live-music locations in Germany & resident shows in some of the world's most exclusive international hotels like Mandarin Oriental, Rocco Forte, etc.

Performing in the genres of Soul, Blues, Funk, Pop, Ballads, Smooth Jazz & Standards, David brings unforgettable moments to special events and live concerts as heard on a few of the recordings below.

At Last (live)
Nothing Can Change This Love
I Swear
Earned It
Ordinary People (studio version)
Stay With Me (davidonka version)
The Rose
Love's Divine
See You Again
The Christmas Song

Disclaimer: The songs on this page are cover songs and have been made strictly for a non-commercial exhibition of musical skills and promo purposes. I don't own rights to these songs and in no circumstance whatsoever may it be used for commercial purposes!