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''Music is closer to me than the air I breath'' _ David Onka

The above quote explains David's passion for music which became very obvious for him when he composed his first song at the age of eight. At thirteen he was already on a live stage performing professionally with sophisticated musicians including his own father. So far, he has written more than 700 songs and done over 800 live performances.


Due to David's fierce music passion as a kind, his concerned multi-talented music-producer dad initially refused to teach him how to play any musical instruments. David would peep from the window as his Dad taught his elder brothers how to play the guitar. He would later pick the guitar in absence of his dad and play everything he remembers learning through the window without knowing the names of the chords he played. Decades later, the same passion that started in those early years developed (through his entire music journey) into a prolific singer, songwriter, producer, audio engineer, and performance consultant.

There is a huge element of Soulful emotions in David's talent which makes Soul Music his favorite but he believes that his overall music creativity cannot be boxed into just one genre and this gives him the ability to freely create music in whatsoever style he puts his mind to.

Born and raised by very spiritual parents, David Onka is a strong free thinker with a conscious connection to his own spirituality and sovereignty.  Such strong self-discovery elements could be felt in his music. 

His first musical instrument was the guitar, then drums, bass guitar, percussion, piano, a just a little bit of saxophone but finally settled for the Piano as his favorite. 

Inspired by Christian music from the likes of 'The Maranatha Singers', and Andrea Crouch, David became a frontman for a local church band as a teenager and lead the 20 member choir of a small church in his home state of Abia, in Nigeria. He would later direct and lead a very successful 500 member gospel choir (The Peculiar Worshipers) that performed for an audience ranging from a weekly 3 thousand church congregation to 60,000 people in a football stadium occasionally. In his father's footsteps, David Onka also wrote a lot of original gospel songs for the previously mentioned choir. Most of the songs he wrote became famous within local churches and the gospel music scene in his home State as he directed the choir through their weekly performances that were broadcast on national TV for 7 years.

During this same period, David also dived into professional studio music production and worked for several studios as a top songwriter, arranger, and producer.
He would later co-direct the backing choir for the concert of 
international Christian Music Superstar, Ron Kenoly (Integrity Music) held in Abuja, Nigeria.

Currently based in Germany, two of David's favorite highlights through the years would be his live performance with International smooth jazz star, Rick Braun (associated with Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, SADE, Nathalie Cole, etc), then seconded by his Germany's Got Talent performance. 


David Onka regularly travels all over Europe and the world as a Music Producer, Lyricist, and Songwriter for Film/TV and record labels;

A Recording Artist, Vocal Arranger for bands, groups, and studio sessions;

Live Guest-Performer for special events;

Podcast producer/editor and (last but not least) A Performance Coach for other live performers.



_Jasmine Mueller, Blogger


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